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Using Google Earth, and combining Plato's dialogues Timaeus and Critias with the readings of Edgar Cayce, i have determined the Island of Atlantis is known today as the Pedro Bank, just south of Jamaica. The reason for this is the 100% physical proof of the giant wall surrounding the entire bank. a bridge from the bank to Jamaica, the two ends are there but the middle is missing. Two temple complexes each two miles wide and three miles long. on November 29,2021 we sailed to temple complex 2. Adding to the evidence is the Mountains to the north that protected Atlantis from the cold North air. Those mountains are Jamaica. First exhibit is the bridge from the bank to Jamaica, just south of Kingston Harbor. 2nd is the aqueducts and what i believe the top of an obelisk pertruding from the ground and more. (this will be in my next book)


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